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Craving for the nature and its people

The enthusiastic man ......behind the camera!!

My father spent more than 35 years in development sector as a communication personnel meeting with all sectors of people (urban and rural). During this time he wrote many stories with photographs of people , nature and environment. out of his many trips he went to the remote parts of Bangladesh in Dinajpur and Netrokona where he visited two different tribal communities name “Santal” and “Garo” respectively. From my experience i can say whenever he goes to the field in the villages he feels very comfortable. I also observed that he has a capability making people friendly which helped him to understand the life and the culture of the people. He is at his early 60s but still make efforts to visit different places culture and people. Whenever he visits any place he never forgets to take unforgettable and naturally live photographs and this indicates his hidden passion for nature and its people. But when time comes to reveal his treasure he keeps himself in a low profile …. ha ha ha that is why i have taken the initiative to let the world know how much he loves his country and people.

Visiting santal children in a community school

Young santal dancers

Peaceful nature lovers .....living at the corner of Bangladesh

More dancing!!!

Licchi Orchard......wuhoooo!!!

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  1. July 2, 2012 at 5:51 pm

    I just love these vibrant people with rich culture…… many thanks for taking pictures !

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